I enjoy blessing people with infinite love, infinite light, and infinite abundance of all kinds.... and creating/producing enlightening music that helps people rise to higher states of consciousness.

I am... a cosmic traveler... a troubadour traveling from town to town awakening the global heart through music, art, dance, and all kinds of self-expression.  I write, perform, improvise, produce, collaborate, and instigate with music and paint.  I love creative people, and I love sharing and trading our unique expressions with each other.  Trading songs, trading paintings, trading crystals, trading energies, trading ideas, and above all, trading Love.

I am.... a multi-medium musician, painter, dancer, and sound healer who believes in infinite possibilities.  I know that the enlightened minds of our time are coming together to form a new paradigm, where love rules above all. 

Now... I live in a self-sustaining community of like-minded individuals vibrating on such a high frequency, that our Universe is a gift to experience.

Enjoy Life.


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